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Penthouse Collection


Penthouse Collection

No matter who we are, the space in which we live reflects our deepest thoughts, dreams, and preferences. Full of emotions that would engulf us and make us the main player within our personal space of refuge. Whether you live and breathe the classical aesthetics of luxury, or perhaps, it is the warm and intimate sound of Bourbon Street Jazz. The choice is all yours. The RENOVO PENTHOUSE COLLECTION in the heart of Herzliya Ha’yeroukah.

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Herzliah Ha’Yeroukah.
*Central - Tranquil - Open Views
• Unparalleled transport connections to highways- train- Metro.
• IDC English speaking university.
• Shopping, wide-screen thrills, and fine dining.
• Israel’s thriving High-Tech Capital.
• 44 acres sublime natural landscape – Park Herzliya.
• Israel’s finest modern and diversified city.
• 10-minute direct access to Tel-Aviv.
• 5-star Hotels, the Marina ,and the beautiful Beaches.
• SPORTEK- Your family’s benefit, health and well being.