Urban Renewal

Tama-38, Pinuy Binuy- Regeneration and Renewal

Over time, the bulk of existing buildings in Israel are aging. A national plan put in place by the government addressed the goal to strengthen, expand, fortify and give new life to many neighborhoods throughout Israel.

The urban renewal department of Renovo operates via three trends:

The first two tracks ”Clearance and Construction” (Pinuy Binuy) and third increased building rights (Tama-38).

We should be your partner

  1. Renovo, one stop shop for the entire process; no middleman. We are:
  • Solve developer
  • Direct client support from A-Z
  1. We are the general contractor
  • Direct construction (and accountability) supervision
  • Direct control over labor force and sub-contractors
  • Hands on control of construction time table
  • Application of strict safety codes
  • Proven record with over 10 projects completed
  • Most completed projects in central Israel.
  • Proven success and experience with local authorities
  • Wise and fair handling of opposition to projects by concerned citizens.
  • The pioneer in partnering and involving leading banks in order to provide the best possible guarantees to home owners.

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