Renovo ltd. was recently ranked to be one of the top 10 real estate companies in its field in Israel and first in Herzliyah by BDI coface index and Madlan-Globes index for the year of 2016.

About us:

Founded in 2008, a small family of visionaries, together with prominent North American business leaders in architecture, real estate, construction and finance, decided to forge and integrate a newly introduced model for the Israeli residential real estate industry.

With intensive experience in investments across the risk spectrum and all property types, pioneering leadership with neighborhood rejuvenation-renewal programs known as “Tama 38” and “Pinuy Binuy”. Renovo is one of the most respected real estate organizations in Israel in general and in the Sharon valley in particular.

Where others saw bricks and mortar, we at Renovo saw collaboration with home owners and partners as the key to yielding safety, value, creativity and practical innovation. We pride ourselves on being a business that serves a sophisticated specialized clientele.

No doubt, the vast hands on experience has made Renovo the leader in construction and delivery of urban renewal projects in record breaking turnaround time.

Leading Israeli bank trust and support.

Being the first to obtain bank financing for urban renewal projects.
All projects are fully supported by the leading Israeli banks, enduring peace of mind both for the residents and the apartment buyers. This bank financing is a decisive vote of confidence in the company in general, and in the project in particular, and gives a significant boost to the realization of the projects’ objectives and standards.

We Understand Real Estate

Lead by its CEO Mr. Eliav Assayag who strongly believes that “Every piece of land has its own destiny. Our experience has taught us to listen and to look at the lot with respect and match its individuality, beauty, sensitivity, and care for its surrounding.”
What sets us apart? With more than 50 years of combined real estate development and construction management experience among our senior staff. We understand the big picture and infinite details that result in successful projects.

We have cultivated one of the most experienced development and construction management teams in the region and have assembled the most comprehensive range of services, from land and building-planning designing to financing – all under one roof. Our in-house capabilities, knowledge and experience give our clients a real strategic advantage and comfort level by which we constantly earn their trust.

Our clients count on us to protect their interests, our partners and home owners rely on our proven experience, passion, commitment, honesty and integrity to accompany them throughout the exciting journey of planning and owning their new home.

Home owners and buyers benefits:

  • All projects fully supported by the leading banks of Israel.
  • Full and detailed
  • Full transparency and cooperation with home owners and their representatives.
  • Unifying home owners as one, keys to promoting an efficient and speedy process.
  • Enforcing equality amongst owners and full service support.
  • Effective analysis and planning to enable maximization of apartment size.
  • Receipt of building permit within minimum waiting period.
  • Our special know-how in complex construction project – our clients benefit.
  • Proven record in solving complex tax issues and legal
  • All in house – no middleman involved.

“We call it applied insight and management. Our clients call it peace of mind”